On every coating and paint job, Maximum Coatings & Sandblasting takes time to run quality tests. We understand the importance of high quality equipment that measures up to safety standards. We run these tests to make sure we are accurately applying paint so that it adheres correctly and won’t chip off.

Profile Reader: After the equipment is finished being sandblasted, the specialists at Maximum Coatings gauges how deep the profile is in the steel. After getting that measurement we move on to do various paint reports.

Paint Reports: In order to make sure that paint anchors to the base material correctly specialists at Maximum Coatings run a series of tests. Using a barometer we can read the air temperature, dew point, and relative humidity. After getting those readings we can start applying coats of paint. Between each coat, we measure the dry film thickness. This assures us that we are within the manufacturer’s recommendation for paint thickness. After the correct number of paint coats, we apply a top coat layer that makes sure to seal everything in and prevent fading and chipping.

Facility Options

coating2Drop off your movable equipment at Maximum Coatings & Sandblasting’s shop. There, our technicians the ability to do most jobs in-house, in a controlled environment. Our facility has the space and machinery to get your job done on budget and on time.

Shop Features:

  • 5,000 sq. feet of space
  • Sandblasting Area
  • Custom Spray Booths
  • Dust Collection Machines
  • Various Blast & Paint Media Tools

For other projects that aren’t moveable, Maximum Coatings & Sandblasting has the skills and experience to complete them on-site. We’ll gladly work in the field on various structural jobs.

Painting & Custom Coating Services

Custom Coating
coating1Maximum Coatings & Sandblasting applies custom paint coatings that will make your equipment look brand new again for years to come. We can totally transform something from the 1960s and make it look like it came right off of the assembly line. Depending on the uses, we have a variety of different coatings for you to choose from.

Types of Coatings:

  • High Temperature
  • Inorganic Zinc
  • Organic Zinc
  • Epoxy
  • Urethane

Color Matching
When you’re repainting a piece of equipment sometimes it is important to have an exact match to the old paint color. Maximum Coatings & Sandblasting has the technology to have custom color matching.

Decal Placement
When you do sandblasting and custom coating, you lose the safety stickers and decals that were originally on the equipment. At Maximum Coatings & Sandblasting we replace those decals for you. Restore your equipment while maintaining the brand integrity and safety protocols.

For any project, big or small, trust Maximum Coatings & Sandblasting when you are looking for your next custom coating contractor.